Psycho Marketing

Psycho Marketing (n.) - Diabolically cunning marketing that's so eerily on point, your customers will swear you've been reading their secret diary.

Tell me you can’t hear it 20 years on?

That’s the power of psycho marketing.

Catch a glimpse of Chewits and bam, that monster’s funky anthem from the ’90s is right there. Living rent free in your head – probably for the rest of your life. 

“I like to Chewit Chewit” isn’t just a catchy tune; it’s psycho marketing at it’s finest.

The ad is unforgettable.

These ads flipped the script on the frankly terrifying Godzilla-like Chewits monster that had been used for 20 years prior. And you just know that someone in a dusty board room thought they were mad for even suggesting the change.

But, spinning it into a groove-loving, hip-hop dancing icon that kids couldn’t resist wasn’t an accident. Turning a scary monster into a playground pal was the sort of genius only found by setting fire to the rule book. 

By locking onto the trending earworm potential of hip-hop and reggae, it didn’t just catch ears; it created echoes across playgrounds everywhere. Sound familiar? Today’s TikTok dance craze follows the same beat — proving psycho marketing knows how to make a brand move, then and now.

What we will do for You.

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Organic & PPC

There's customers to be found all over the internet. We'll go out into the wild and find them for you. Then creative campaigns so alluring that they flock to you.

Build Fierce Loyalty

Marketing is all about connecting. We specialize in transforming casual browsers into love-drunk fans with campaigns and follow up that speak directly to their soul.

Crazy Content

We live in an attention economy and if you can't grab people by the eyeballs and drag them past the first 3 seconds of your content - you might as well not bother. But, don't worry - we're here to help.

Trend Tracking

Keeping up with all the latest trends and crazes on different platforms is a full time job in itself. Luckily for you, we do this all day, every day. So we know what works and how to tailor it for you.

*We’ll find them no matter where they hide…

How We Work.

Making a real splash in today’s market means knowing your audience better than they know themselves. That’s the essence of psycho-marketing. We’ll help you uncover the hidden triggers that turns casual interest into fiercely irrational loyalty to you and your brand. 

Most brands think they “know” their customers, but we dive deeper. If we don’t know what they’re eating for breakfast – we don’t know enough.

With this arsenal of insights, we craft bespoke marketing campaigns/ funnels that practically force people to notice you and buy from you. Marketing isn’t just about chasing the latest trends – sometimes we need to go so far against the grain – everyone will think we’ve gone mad.

But, working with us means building a bond with your audience that’s less like a handshake and more like a bear hug. We create campaigns so in tune with your audience’s desires and needs that their allegiance to your brand borders on the fanatical.

Ready to be unforgettable? 

Josh did what most other accountants wouldn’t dream of – he gave FREE money-saving advice every day. One viral post later he’d gained over 70k followers leading to 5 staff hires and a 5 month waiting list.

FitSetters were targetting coaches whose feeds were packed with crazy stimulating content. We broke the mould with possibly the most boring ad ever made. Enquiries went crazy. Simple but almost TOO effective. 

Let's Get Creative.

A Few Legendary Clients


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Marketing Strategy
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  • Creative plans to suit every budget
  • Organic and PPC Marketing
  • Content Direction and Creation
  • Top to Bottom Funnel Creation
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Happy Clients,
Great Reviews

Hear from some of our busier, happier, wealthier clients…


Marcus and the whole team at Limitless Webs have been nothing short of incredible. They built me an amazing website that so many patients have complimented me on. Super happy!

Dr Hoda Ranjbar, L1P

When Marcus did our website, we realised just how badly we were treated by our last developer. He was amazing and built us a website we are FINALLY proud to show people. It looks amazing and we couldn’t be happier.

Phil & Nicky Segal, Majestic Property

Marcus built my website years ago, but has updated it a number of times since and also runs our Google Business and Ads campaigns. These were his recommendations and we get more business this way than any other. Most people in construction still don’t have a website and this wins us so much business. 

Dicky Wickwar, R W Steel Services

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