Lit Websites

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Psycho Marketing



Lit Website (n.) – A website that is so visually appealing and eye-catching – it might as well be on fire. We make high-octane, fully-loaded digital powerhouses that turns visitors into fans faster than you can say “What’s a Widget?”

Viral Socials (n.) – A phenomenon where your content hits the social scene with the explosive impact of the Spice Girls in the ’90s. It’s about making posts as iconic and unforgettable as Geri’s Union Jack dress—ensuring your followers really, really, really want to zig-a-zig-ah.

Psycho Marketing (n.) – Diabolically cunning marketing that’s so eerily on point, your customers will swear you’ve been reading their secret diary.

genzkool (n.) – Like school, but skool. A place where you can learn the skills that are turbo charging Gen-Z business success. Plus the secret sauce to spicy TikToks.

Playground (n.) – Where we hide the stuff that’s too silly for the rest of the website. Consider it the digital equivalent of doodling in the margins while pretending to take notes. Don’t judge.