genzkool (n.) - Like school, but skool. A place where you can learn the skills that are turbo charging Gen-Z business success. Plus the secret sauce to spicy TikToks.

Burn the textbooks.

This is genzkool.

We believe knowledge is power, which is why ChatGPT will be our overlord in a few years. But until that day comes, knowing how to use digital tools is your superpower.

So, our skool isn’t about dusty chalkboard lectures; it’s an interactive, all-access pass to the behind-the-scenes of modern marketing.

Want to master TikTok, decode Google, and leverage viral content for all it’s worth? We’ll teach you every strategy, every tool, every trick of the trade that Gen Z uses to dominate the digital landscape. 

It doesn’t have to be about doing these things yourself either. We’re also here to help you understand them so you don’t fall prey to those tech-savvy teens with less-than-noble intentions.

We show you how to embrace technology and use it to your advantage — safely, smartly, and skillfully.

So, whether you’re looking to become a TikTok sensation just to spite your kids or just trying not to get duped by the cyber crooks…

Welcome to genzkool.

What we will do For With You.

Think of this like our Tinder bio...

Social Media Mastery

We'll help you understand how to use different social media platforms. Technical help, understanding where to find customers, how to build a following, what platforms to use and when. We can cover it all.

Mind Reading

Well not quite, but it might as well be. We are experts in consumer psychology and can help you learn what turns people into irrationally loyal customers for life.

Technical Skills

Ready to supercharge your output using AI? Want to learn how to make changes to your own website or run ad campaigns? Fancy giving video editing a shot to make your own viral content? If there's a technical skill you want to learn - we can help.

Flexible Support

We know that you WILL have questions as you learn new skills. When you book an hour of skool, you can use that however you like. One full hour, two halves or a few mins here and there. We're easy.

*We’ll find them no matter where they hide…

How We Work.

We know your time is precious. That’s why we offer flexible sessions tailored to your exact needs. Here’s how it works:

You bring the questions.

Struggling with social media strategy? Want to create content that actually converts? Dying to know what the latest AI tool can do for your business? Come with your biggest digital dilemmas.

You bring the Answers.

Our team lives and breathes the ever-evolving world of Gen Z tech, marketing, and online culture. We’ll break down those complex concepts and give you actionable strategies.

You leave Empowered.

Whether you need a quick-fire tutorial, a personalized strategy session, or a deep dive into the latest trends, we’ll equip you with the knowledge (and confidence!) to thrive in the digital landscape.

Book a session and let’s get to work.

Josh did what most other accountants wouldn’t dream of – he gave FREE money-saving advice every day. One viral post later he’d gained over 70k followers leading to 5 staff hires and a 5 month waiting list.

FitSetters were targetting coaches whose feeds were packed with crazy stimulating content. We broke the mould with possibly the most boring ad ever made. Enquiries went crazy. Simple but almost TOO effective. 

A Few Legendary Clients

Happy Clients,
Great Reviews

Hear from some of our busier, happier, wealthier clients…


Marcus and the whole team at Limitless Webs have been nothing short of incredible. They built me an amazing website that so many patients have complimented me on. Super happy!

Dr Hoda Ranjbar, L1P

When Marcus did our website, we realised just how badly we were treated by our last developer. He was amazing and built us a website we are FINALLY proud to show people. It looks amazing and we couldn’t be happier.

Phil & Nicky Segal, Majestic Property

Marcus built my website years ago, but has updated it a number of times since and also runs our Google Business and Ads campaigns. These were his recommendations and we get more business this way than any other. Most people in construction still don’t have a website and this wins us so much business. 

Dicky Wickwar, R W Steel Services


Ahh the part where it all gets a little bit awkward... 😬

Free Chat
£ 0 Monthly
  • Speak to an Expert
  • Discover What's Possible
  • No Commitment
  • Free Proposal
  • At Worst You'll Get Some Great Ideas
1-1 Skooling
£ 100/hr hour
  • Flexible use of time
  • WhatsApp support
  • Learn essential digital skills
  • Save yourself a fortune in the long run
  • Avoid getting ripped off
  • Blow minds with your new knowledge

General Information

Some of the good stuff that we get asked a lot. If you’re thinking it – chances are someone else has before and there’s an answer for you.

This entirely depends on what you want to learn and how fast you pick it up. But as an example, we can give a social media crash course to a complete novice in about 2 hours.

If it’s digital marketing – we can teach it. But unfortunately we can’t teach crochet. Yet.

Absolutely. When you book an hour it’s yours to use however you’d like. Use it all in one hit or split it into 4x15min sessions – we’re easy.

When we’re feeling nice… Only joking. If you want to learn something that is going to take a long ass time – we can arrange a set fee and discount no problem. 

We most certainly do, there is just a small additional fee of £25 per person per hour on top. If you’ve got staff (or just a few friends) and want to book a session out together – get in touch and we can arrange it! 

Yes! We’ve got bunch of resources we can send your before/ after our session depending on your needs.

We’ll always be available via WhatsApp and email to answer the odd question that pop up. If it’s something that requires a bit more of an in-depth answer we will insist on booking in a session.

We are everything you could possibly ever want to grow your business. Whether you want us to do it for you like an agency or teach you to do it yourself – we can help.

Our social media and newsletter are always full of tips and tricks – so find us on there and join the mail list. 

Drop Us a Message.

Just plop as much info as you can in the message and we’ll get back to you ASAP (normally within the hour). 

If you’re desperate or if it’s urgent – come direct on the details below. 

[email protected]

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